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This is a report a character of mine in a role playing game wrote to his mentor/goddess:

Greetings and Glory onto my most Holy Goddess:

I bring you tidings of our adventures across two worlds, tracking the dark and mysterious Lords of the Abyss. It began in the small kingdom of Skancar. (A truly dismal place, overrun with petty politics and libidinous weasels. Lord Luwon partook of a weasel's affections as part of one of their "ceremonies." I was spared the horror of witnessing this unholy congress.)

After a misadventure with the temple of the sun, which I will not bore you with (though I will ask your blessings on my progeny who will be appearing in eight or so months), we discovered that a certain captain Faisal, of the ship Wind Treader, was doing dealing with rogue merfolk who were in league with this previously unknown race of beings who have the most very pompous self-appointed title of "Lords of the Abyss."

As an aside, Captain Faisal, is most likely a son of the so-called "Emperor" of Skancar, unknown to this emperor. Sad, really. Faisal had hopes of becoming head of their sad, sad navy.

In either case, these rogue merfolk split from the main merfolk community (a generally upstanding community) and somehow met with these "Lords." This resulted in an agreement where the merfolk learned a method to siphon life force out of slaves and give it to the "Lords."

Faisal decided to start raiding elven ships to feed energy into this diabolic scheme. Which, as you may know, was causing friction between Skancar and the Empire.

We managed to stop his nefarious plans, finding the colony of rogue merfolk with their dark allies. After destroying this colony and killing their corrupted mage/priests, we also managed to kill two of these "Lords." [Please see attached illustration.] Captain Faisal was brought back to the Empire for further questioning.

At this point we went to Port Latronii, in Hell, to learn more. We met with a human named Markus who we did a favor for in exchange for information and monetary recompense.

(This favor involved heavily skewing the odds in their barbaric gladiatorial games. We accomplished this through freeing several members of the race of the Cat-People. Many of whom wished to return to their native lands, though one, since given the name Zhao, decided to align himself with Dryfinia. You may have heard rumors of one of this noble race in our fair capital.

During this attack I defused a particular nasty magical trap disguised as a humble rock.)

Markus then informed us that dark demons were involved in some sort of trading agreement with the "Lords," where they were giving the "Lords" energy in exchange for some goods.

This seems very odd, since after much pondering we are unable to figure what would be so valuable to Dark Demons that they would trade energy for this! (Please note that this is the only exclamation point in this report.)

We are going to proceed to Ch’in Tse Dao to question him about any information about either the politics of the Dark (something Markus was strangely unable to help us with), or give us insights on what would be so valuable they would trade energy for it.

Yours in Service and Worship,


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